© 2018 Luca Petraglia


I built my first Lego model when I was 5 yearsold, and since then I’ve never stopped. It’s a pleasure for me to say that a job position at Lego has always been one of my dreams. 

I am active, energetic, motivated, very ambitious and open minded. Building Lego projects on commission taught me the respect for deadlines. 

I’ve build the Pisa Leaning Tower in 4 days with 3 others persons.
I was the designer of the Project (In LDD) and I managed all the productive process of the building.

In my spare time I set up events for Public Relations, which allowed me to gain good leadership skills. While building the Milan Scala Theater, a friend of mine, who had never built anything using Lego, helped me. This experience was an opportunity to enhance my leadership skills because I had to coordinate our interactions and supervise his job.